Day 5

Another day began and it has been absolutely glorious thus far. I worked, I spent time relaxing with coworkers, and now I am about to spend time with the man I love most. It has been an incredibly blessed day. I am infinitely grateful.

It is days like today I have to remind myself of so that I can keep wanting to live, keep wanting to make a difference, keep trying to love me. I am blessed. Thank you God.

End of day Note

Just spending time together with someone important to you can make the day epically special. Being able to talk and tell one another whatever comes to mind, to just have a nice long conversation over burgers and fries, then wander around a grocery store shopping for odds and ends together can make for an amazing night.

To have someone hold you close, to be strong for you, to encourage you and cherish you, to make you feel loved and special – that is the most amazing and rare of all treasures. If you have someone who is happy in your happiness, you don’t deserve to wish for death or darkness. You have been supremely blessed. Don’t ever forget it.

To any and all that have felt abandoned, betrayed, lost, alone, misunderstood or rejected, I know how you feel. I spend most of my life feeling like you. But if you have even one person that truly values you – cherish them, treat them well, bring joy to their lives, and don’t lose them. They will become the reason you smile and the light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be enough, but it will be a start, a base upon which to build. Don’t lose hope. You are never alone. And hope is the one thing no one can ever take from you. Hope. Be strong. Be grateful. Tomorrow is a better day.

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