Day 17/18

Edit: WordPress would not allow me to post for some reason. So here are the last two entries.

This entry is written over two days during which too much happened and there was very little sleep involved. I saw two extremes of our world in the past two days. The gloriously good and the horribly heinous. We are so lucky and so ungrateful for all the things we are and have today. People are so ridiculously needlessly ruthlessly cruel that it boggles my mind and leaves me utterly speechless. Why do educated, wealthy adults feel the need to ostracize a perfectly nice, funny, charming young person for absolutely no reason? Oh yes, because they don’t share the same skin color, gender, ethnic background, social status or religion. And it is apparently acceptable to be as big a dick as possible to anyone who isn’t factory produced exactly the same as you. People suck. But they are also capable of great kindness. It just depends on the day.

I have been exhausted, exhilarated, frustrated, happy, sad and empty, full of life, and apathetic in the last 48 hours. It has been a veritable roller coaster ride. I should just be exhausted, but I’m relieved that I can feel again. It’s an amazing thing to feel Alive.

I can happily say I am falling asleep content tonight. Thank you God for a perfectly good day. May tomorrow follow suit.

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