Day 21

People’s deep hatred of my religion deeply disturbs me. It reminds me that I, as a Muslim American, will never really be accepted by those I call friends. People from my ethnicity won’t accept me because I am too “American” or “westernized”. People of other backgrounds will be afraid of me because they fear what they don’t understand and they don’t understand my culture or religion. They hate me out of fear of the unknown and what they perceive as the will of all Muslims is the terror a select few crazies are bringing to their doorsteps. They don’t know or want to learn that the core of Islam is faith, logic and love of others. Most never realize that suicide is one of The Greatest sins in Islam, and unjustly causing pain is another great sin. Those poor fools who think they are Jihadis are children who grew up being taught otherwise. They were brainwashed so well or so desperate to put food on the table, or just save the lives of their families, that they fell pray to the lies they were told. Most of them are illiterate – they can’t even read or understand the Quran. All they learn is the hatred that is propagated in them through those who only seek power. In the end, all of these tragedies stem from a greed for power. Follow the money and you find the few real monsters who make it hard on everyone to make a living, or just live. To top it all off, they not only target non-Muslims, they target other Muslims in Muslim countries. I have lost family to their heinous acts, so I know. Thousands die each month because of these crazy people. Most Muslims hate these stupid terrorist groups.

Conversely, I’m sick of being judged for the actions of others and never being part of anything. My Christian friends cannot accept my not believing exactly as they do. They cannot accept that I don’t think of Jesus as my savior. I think of Jesus as one of the most loved Prophets. I think of him as a great man of God. I think of Muhammad as the last Prophet, another great and beloved man, and as the one to whom the Quran was revealed. I believe in Allah as the Only God. What’s funny is that the deity most people who know Christian scripture call the Old Testament god is what I call Allah. And I believe that the Messiah that the Jewish people have been waiting for was Muhammad. And for this I am hated.

Someone who would dare to slander the name of Jesus would probably be shot on the spot. Anyone that dared to make racial slurs would be ostracized severely. If anyone said anything against the Jewish, they would automatically be reprimanded and called Anti-Semitic. When people were killed for religion and race, World War II happened. But if it’s a Muslim person being ostracized? Or someone was ripping out pages from and/or burning the Quran, and they are reprimanded? Oh my God, they are using their right to freedom of speech, they haven’t done anything wrong at all! I wonder what would happen if someone tried to burn up Bibles, or tried to treat a Christian white woman with the contempt usually preserved for us colored Muslim girls. My sister is one of those Muslim girls. She is a straight A student in college – so good that her professors recommended her to one of the top accounting firms in the nation. She was so very excited to join. And then everone their treated her like shit. And when I say everyone, I mean absolutely everyone. Not just her fellow employees, but her seniors and instructors. She spend a whole night crying because no one would pick her to be on their team, then the team she was a part of got up and left and didn’t tell her where they went, followed by them deserting her so she couldn’t go to dinner with the rest of the class of 40 trainees. She was the only one left behind. And her instructor wouldn’t send her an important email due to which she wouldn’t be able to go work on the assigned client. Lovely people, aren’t they? I am so sick of this hypocritical duality that my blood boils. I am tired of being the last person anyone will sit next to or get to know. I am tired of people saying derogatory things about my race and Muslims in general. It is quite sickening how perfectly acceptable it is to be politically correct about everything and everyone unless they happen to be Muslim – then, they’re fair game.

On a side note, my sister saved their asses the next day, then kicked their asses in video games. She is now part of the ‘accepted’ circle. Suck it, haters.

The way people so easily assign categories and turn everything into a “them” and “us” mentality is frankly frightening. I don’t want to be the victim of the next Holocaust or Crusades. But that seems to be where it is all heading now. Who hasn’t heard of Israel? And the purge of Muslims? It has begun in Burma already. Who knows? Maybe I will be next.

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