Day 30

I spent the weekend watching Supernatural, doing chores, and going out to watch Monster’s University and having dinner with friends. It was a really good way to spend some seriously Hot days. Ramadan starts next week so that’s going to be a whole new challange to add to my days. Work has been busy and fulfilling. Working with people other than my boss is always fun – she makes me feel utterly incompetent and stupid. She just has that much knowledge, experience and skill. I would be proud if I could one day be as good at her job as she is.

The depression has been thankfully absent for the most part. Anxiety attacks have lessened too. I am really grateful to be as normal as I get. It is a happy day when I don’t want to stop existing – the past few days have been happy. A little peace goes a long way and gives me hope that I will be okay some day.

Hoping for better tomorrows and wonderful todays :).

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