No Life Sundays

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are amazing. Thank you all the mothers out there for being simply outstanding!

Second,  having no life sucks. Eating all the chocolate you can get your hands on out of sheer boredom sucks. Not even being able to find something you want to watch on Netflix sucks. Knowing your significant other is having a nice busy day with his family while you go crazy with boredom sucks. Knowing everyone you know is doing something with their lives while you turn into the biggest loser on the planet really really really sucks. Having nothing to do on a Sunday – well that’s just epically horrid.

Am I whining? Yes, I am. Because I can’t figure out what to do with myself or my life. Career setbacks and unemployment tend to make people question and whine and bring out the worst in them. I’m just tired of being in a perpetual setback. I want more. I wish I could be good enough.

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