What do my words really matter? It is not as if anyone would care. No matter what I say, no matter what I do, the world will never be that fair. Look at human history, the blood thirst and infinite wars speak for themselves and tell it all. But still I write. I’m not quite sure why. Is it to immortalize what I think, how I feel? Or is it simply the desire to announce Hey, look at me, I exist, I am here!

My words are like the whisper of a haunting wind, in an instant it all disappears. They touch only hardened hearts, unable to wash away the constant fear. What could I say that would make any difference? What could I do that hasn’t already been done? The facts remain that the rich and the powerful always win in the end. No matter what kind of resistance the common people show, no matter how hard they work slaving away at jobs so insignificant that employments cease to exist instantaneously,  no matter how much effort they put into their craft, no matter how many nights they spend studying rather than sleeping, no matter how much they kill themselves to feed their children, to bring them up well…the rich and powerful always win.

They rule the world with their greed and their self entitlement. They think they deserve to be gods of mankind. Their money and power allows them to wield that god like power. No matter how ugly they are inside, the world bows to their wealth. No matter what they have done or said, no matter how many rights they have taken from others, no matter how many dreams they have crushed, no matter how many lives they have destroyed with one word, the facts still remain…the rest of us are dispensable. Only they are worth anything.

But are they really? Without the rest of us, how would they live? On whose backs have they built their empires? Using the bodies of millions and the energy of several generations, on whose authority have they given themselves the right to rule countries, to buy out governments, to destroy all opposition, to control media, to control us?

We say we are free. We say we can accomplish anything as long as we work hard. We say so many things that are so full of wishful thinking and so empty of reality.

Hard work helps us improve our lives. Determination to achieve dreams helps us achieve them. Helping others helps us help ourselves. But only as long as none of the rich or powerful are offended. Only as long as their goals continue to be reached. Only as long as what we want is in line with what they envision. They run the world after all. In the end, they own us all.

There is just one thing they cannot control – our ideologies. They cannot eradicate a way of thinking because once it comes to exist, even killing every person with an ideology will not eliminate it. War? All it does is create more poverty, more death, more hopelessness, more destruction… and more profit for the warmongering rich.

None of what I say matters anyways. I could write a million articles and it wouldn’t matter because the facts of life won’t change. If the current people in power were to disappear, a new order of people in power would appear. No matter what face it wears, humanity always bows to money and power.

Yet, what is it we are all really fighting for? Is it not for a life of success and peace? Is it not for the future generations to exist in peace and enjoy a healthy planet? How did we all get so caught up in our own small lives that we forgot about the big picture?

So many families are left poverty stricken, destroyed, never mourned. So many future generations cease to exist instantaneously. Someone’s greed and malice destroys another’s dreams so easily. Jealousy eats up the kindness in the hearts of people. Kindness is so rare they have to do news stories to proclaim it still exists.

When did we all regress to being animals?

My words will never matter to anyone. They will be a whisper swallowed in the sea of chaos. They will be like a drop of water falling on a crater of lava. They will never mean anything to anyone else. However, they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. That’s why I decided to write today. I hope my words reach someone out there and they understand – violence, extremism, hate, segregation, selfishness, denial of human rights and complete disregard for the well-being of others is never the answer.

Become worthy of being Human again. There are too many animals today, we need no more.

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