Happy Pills

Recently, while visiting my doctor for unrelated reasons, I was given a depression screening questionnaire. I ‘passed’ the ‘test’ with flying colors. My doctor recommended I take anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication.

For a long time, I was pretty prejudiced against anti-depressants and for good reason. I had seen one of my relatives turn into a medically induced zombie who neither remembered herself nor her children after years of ‘treatment’. I was not going to live in a blurry haze and reduce my world to a dream-like state in order to protect my sanity. I would not become addicted to anti-anxiety medication that left me in a fetal position if I forgot to take it. I would not be one of Those people.

What I’m trying to say is: I was an ill-informed idiot. Even though I’ve been talking about my depression and anxiety both here and in real life with many people, I wasn’t willing to give modern medicine a chance out of Fear. The taboo of anti-depressants and getting medical help for mental issues carried over from outdated views held by my parents and their generation and culture in general.

I shed myself of that fear slowly after witnessing the transformation it has brought to the lives of a few friends. They are all much happier and fully functional members of society. They are all people I admire and love. They are also definitely Not living like zombies.

I ensured the medication I was being prescribed would not cause drowsiness or cause addiction before agreeing to take it. These medications are supposed to take at least 3 weeks to begin having an effect. Not so for me. It took just a week before I started to see results. I am already doing So much better thanks to both medication and meditation.

If you are like my past self (read two weeks ago self) and are afraid of medication that may change your life for the better, please take courage. It can and has helped a Lot of folks.

I hope all the people out there suffering from depression and anxiety are able to get the help they need, both in the form of therapy and through medication. Good luck everyone!

One thought on “Happy Pills

  1. Before my shrink and I found the right combination of what I like to call my “crazy meds” , I did have some bad experiences with some of them, but that is just part of finding the right meds and dose. I can tell you, I have been taking crazy meds for a long time now and they have helped a lot.

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