Failure and Success

Failure is normal, success is not. That is why we all aspire towards success. We find success exceptional and admirable in general. Failure, however, is an undesirable outcome in most instances. For many people, it is to be avoided at all costs.

Have you ever had a task that you wanted to succeed at so very badly but just could not? You failed, you hated yourself, you hated the world, you hated everything? Well, you are certainly not alone in that my friend.

Failure is frustrating. It is damaging to the ego. It is a disturbance in our equilibrium. Despite all that, it is also necessary.

Without failure, I would never have learned how much energy it takes to break and remake oneself better than before. Without failure, I would never have wandered down paths untrodden or flown to places unknown. Failure made me strong. Failure became one of my greatest strengths. Failure is the reason I am who I am today.

No one enjoys failure. It is utterly crushing at times, especially if you are as hard on yourself as I am on myself. If you perceive yourself failing at a relationship or the realization of a dream, you make take it especially hard. I am here to tell you that’s okay. Never getting back up again is not.

If you get back up, you will have succeeded. You will know what not to do, what pitfalls to avoid, what you actually want and how to get to it in a more efficient way.

If you get back up, you’ll rebuild stronger than before. The strongest martial artists break their bones over and over until they are strong enough to fell giant trees with a single punch. The strongest steel in the world is made by melting it over and over, until it is virtually unbreakable.

So here are my concluding thoughts: Fail. Over and over, fail. But get back up and move forward. Make mistakes and learn from them until you get to that ever elusive standard you have set for yourself – success.

Have a happy week, ciao!

One thought on “Failure and Success

  1. This blog is a fail (😂pun intended). You mentioned lot about failure, mistake. You learned, yet you move on, or let the past be the past. You repeated a lot of similar situations.
    My advice- let fix something that you did wrong. You might learn a different lesson. Even better, turn that failure to a success instead.
    DB 🤣DB

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