In honor of those 2020 took from us:

I’m having a different kind of day

Realizing creativity is my way

You find solace in places I no longer can

I need more than a gentle guiding hand

Finding passions wherever I go

Using all the words at my core

I find my voice here once again

Ink and paper carrying my pain

A noise in the corner of my mind

Like a kettle boiling past its prime

Reminding me I have precious little time

Maturing slowly my biggest crime

Realizing I am a creative after all

I had to answer when the Muses called

I’m open to love and loving

In ways others simply are not

Sometimes I stand a little too tall

My temper a little too hot

It hurts me to find out my worth

But pride always comes before a fall

Watching other people grow

Makes me ache for my own glow

Life moves on in all of its frailty

Until all that’s left is callous uncertainty

So now I remember before I go

And the insecurities flow through

I have to gather all the precious memories

Moments of glory, seconds of eternity

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