Cancer of the Mind

I’ve come to think of depression as a cancer of the mind.

Your own body, your own consciousness, your own personality attack You.

There is an enormous chance to no recovery. There is a slim chance of remission. There is an almost miniscule chance that it goes away permanently.

Mostly, it returns, and then you need more treatment.

It’s expensive in terms of diagnosis and treatment costs. It also costs you your joy, many relationships, career opportunities and takes away something so many people seem to take for granted – love of your own self.

It can be completely debilitating.

Those of us who keep functioning are called ‘high functioning’ but all that means is we are like robots that go through the motions and Look like nothing is wrong.

There is a yawning maw of emptiness that threatens to swallow us whole literally every second of every day.

A single negative thought can bring about a downward spiral that lasts weeks, months, years.

When you don’t love yourself, you become a shell of who you were, who you cold have been. No one else can truly love you either – so much of you is missing that even you don’t know about when you can barely function enough to adult.

So many get no help and it becomes terminal. It takes people we love away silently.

Many times, it’s not an isolated illness. There are usually others combined with it that make it even harder to treat.

There are allegedly countless ways to cope with it but only one real way to break through it – loving yourself absolutely. That cure is hard even for the most optimistic to maintain at all times.

You can have every material blessing in the world and the best support group out there and it can still be totally useless.

The apathy holds so many back from achieving their goals and living their dreams. It’s hard to even get out of bed every day.

Even when life is good, it feels so empty. There is a hole that nothing seems to be able to fill. There isn’t enough material wealth, love or support in the world to fill that hole. The only thing that can fill it is loving ones self. That is probably the most difficult thing to do for someone suffering from depression.

You aren’t alone. You aren’t the first to be in this headspace and you won’t be the last.

You can choose to find strength in that knowledge. You can choose to find despair. It is a Choice.

I hope we all Choose to be strong and just keep putting one step in front of another. After all, the only other choice is giving up. That’s a loss I’m not willing to cope with.

Choose to be strong, my friends. May you love yourselves today, and every day after. Good luck!

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