Cancer of the Mind

I've come to think of depression as a cancer of the mind. Your own body, your own consciousness, your own personality attack You. There is an enormous chance to no recovery. There is a slim chance of remission. There is an almost miniscule chance that it goes away permanently. Mostly, it returns, and then you … Continue reading Cancer of the Mind


It’s 3 am and I’m having too many self realizations to sleep. There is too much anger and resentment for me to rest. I am full of self righteous indignation. How dare someone treat me so badly my whole life that I am only now realizing that I should really love myself? There is a … Continue reading Duality

Anxious & Depressed – Covid Edition

Having a serious anxiety attack feels like a terrible and new experience all over again. It has been a long time since the anxiety and depression held at bay by medication and strong, supportive relationships filtered through it all and snuck in a back door I didn’t know was open. I didn’t even know I … Continue reading Anxious & Depressed – Covid Edition