Soul tired

Bone weary, soul tired, depressed - take your pick, I've been all of the above for several weeks now. Nothing I did helped. No amount of sleep (or lack thereof) has been enough to energize me recently. I am not motivated at all. I simply wish I could hibernate like a bear forever. In this … Continue reading Soul tired

Quick to Criticize, Slow to Praise

We live in a world where criticism is all too common and praise is hard to come by. I am guilty of criticizing freely and bluntly. I do, however, also try to give credit where it's due and to praise or compliment what I think is worthy. I just don't do it often enough. Appreciation … Continue reading Quick to Criticize, Slow to Praise

Happy Pills

Recently, while visiting my doctor for unrelated reasons, I was given a depression screening questionnaire. I 'passed' the 'test' with flying colors. My doctor recommended I take anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication. For a long time, I was pretty prejudiced against anti-depressants and for good reason. I had seen one of my relatives turn into a medically induced … Continue reading Happy Pills

Tough Pill To Swallow

Someone told me recently that this is an year for renewal. With renewal comes an inevitable ending of some sort or the other. Some of us have lost everything we thought defined us. Some of us had something promising come crashing down around us. Some of us found success in something we never imagine we … Continue reading Tough Pill To Swallow

Connecting Thoughts with Feelings

Recently, I have been learning to see things from different perspectives. Though I've always striven to do so, lately I have been blessed enough to be handed more tools to do this with. One of the key tools for me to handle my anxiety and depression was: connect thoughts with feelings. We often realize we … Continue reading Connecting Thoughts with Feelings

Dealing with the Aftermath

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last post. It wasn't because I didn't have much to say, it was more because I simply wasn't depressed and thinking about other things helped. The more I focused on positive things, the easier it was to function. Personal relationships can sometimes be a trigger for … Continue reading Dealing with the Aftermath