Connecting Thoughts with Feelings

Recently, I have been learning to see things from different perspectives. Though I've always striven to do so, lately I have been blessed enough to be handed more tools to do this with. One of the key tools for me to handle my anxiety and depression was: connect thoughts with feelings. We often realize we … Continue reading Connecting Thoughts with Feelings

From the Darkness, Light

On the worst of your days, when everything seems like it is in the dumps and nothing will ever save you from the darkness of your soul, remember one thing: after the darkest night comes the light. Maybe all of that sounded very cliche. Maybe you are thinking, "This is not how you normally start … Continue reading From the Darkness, Light

Dealing with the Aftermath

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last post. It wasn't because I didn't have much to say, it was more because I simply wasn't depressed and thinking about other things helped. The more I focused on positive things, the easier it was to function. Personal relationships can sometimes be a trigger for … Continue reading Dealing with the Aftermath