Ice Breaker

Recently, I have been unmotivated to do anything that requires any kind of effort. I've been spending too much on things I don't need and spending too little time on actually growing myself in any meaningful way. I was given the opportunity to join Toastmasters recently and used it to push myself a tiny step towards … Continue reading Ice Breaker

Unwelcome Memories

Ever get blitz attacked by unwelcome memories? Ever find yourself perfectly content, enjoying your morning, doing your thing but then suddenly something - a phrase, a smell, an article on the web - reminds you of an event you have done your best to put behind you and you are suddenly overwhelmed by a deluge … Continue reading Unwelcome Memories

Lonely and Alone

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time feeling lonely and alone. This, in turn, makes me feel like a failure, someone who was easily forgotten and possibly replaced, someone with no prospects of a normal life, someone who will never amount to anything, someone who will die alone and unloved. I miss being in … Continue reading Lonely and Alone