Incoherent and Irrational

A bout of depression has struck me once more. I feel incoherent and irrational today. I keep trying to go back in time and make sense of things. I keep on trying to figure it out - where did I make my first mistake and when did I make my last one? Sometimes, I regret … Continue reading Incoherent and Irrational

My Inner Landscape

Craggy and worn like a broken rock on the shoreline of a tumultuous sea, deep and unexplored like the darkest depths of the ocean, teeming with both horrific and indescribable creatures, with enough pressure to crumble mountains to dust - that is my current inner landscape. I alternate between anger and depression. The withdrawal symptoms … Continue reading My Inner Landscape

Connecting Thoughts with Feelings

Recently, I have been learning to see things from different perspectives. Though I've always striven to do so, lately I have been blessed enough to be handed more tools to do this with. One of the key tools for me to handle my anxiety and depression was: connect thoughts with feelings. We often realize we … Continue reading Connecting Thoughts with Feelings